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Friday, February 2, 2007


So yesterday Joel was working in a town about an hour away. As he was driving home, he tried to roll down the driver's side window...but it didn't roll down. So assuming it was stuck from the cold weather, he pressed against the window...and the WHOLE ENTIRE WINDOW fell down inside the door!! And unfortunately he had an hour drive ahead of him in about 25 degree weather. lol!! Glad it wasn't me! So Joel drove the whole entire way home with really cold wind blowing on him. Last night when he got home, he came in and spoke to me with a hint of amusement in his voice, "So a funny thing happened to me on the way home tonight..." and then continued with his window predicament. Afterwards he went outside and duct-taped a piece of cardboard over where our window should be. And last night it snowed. (again) And we don't have a garage, or a car-port of any sort. At the moment I'm so glad that our car looks so ghetto with a piece of cardboard duct-taped over where the window should be, as opposed to having a car full of snow. Tommorrow Joel is going to take apart the door and fix the window...but until then, our car has a ghetto-cardboard window.