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Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Favorite DIY Fashion Pins

It's snowing here today. My border collie is outside in the backyard, running in circles and barking his heart out. (My neighbors probably hate us...or at least our dog). My son is sick, but sitting at the kitchen table, playing with play-doh and hotwheels, and I am sitting on the couch with my sprained ankle elevated. It's been almost 6 weeks since I sprained my ankle at the pumpkin patch. I have an appointment with a podiatrist today to see how my ankle is doing. I'm a little nervous - hoping to hear good news.

Are you guys on Pinterest? I am. I have to admit, I LOVE Pinterest. Have you ever read something online, and thought, "Wow! That's a great idea. I need to remember this" and then promptly forgot about it? Yeah, I have. Enter Pinterest - a website where you can "pin" ideas that you like onto virtual boards. Now you can categorize and refer back to all those awesome ideas you've come across online.You can also network with others and see what they pin as well as repin their ideas too. Genius! I've received so much inspiration for projects from this website.

Here are my top 10 favorite pins from my DIY Fashion board - which are clothing and accessories that I want to make and wear!

cluster safety pin shirt
Cluster safety pins on the collar of your shirt! What a fun idea! Why didn't I think of that??
DIY sweater boots
How to make sweater boots - easier than you think!

button necklace
Button Necklace. Fun.

mens' dress shirt skirt
A skirt made from a men's dress shirt. I think this is different, but I still love the idea. I have a shirt or two already set aside for this project.

fishtail skirt
Fish tail skirt - made from a thrifted skirt. I would chose a skirt with a different fabric, and not cut the skirt so short in the front.

upcycled sweater skirt
 Skirt made from an old sweater. How cool is this?
*EDIT* I ended up making a couple of my own sweater skirts from some old sweaters. It was so much fun and two years later, I still love to wear them. Be sure to read about this project!

sweater sleeves into leg warmers
Upcycled sweater sleeves made into leg warmers. 
*EDIT* I also made three sets of these leg warmers from old sweaters as well. Read about them here.

fingerless gloves
Old sweater sleeves made into fingerless gloves!
*EDIT* See how I made my own pair with a little something special!

no sew pancho
Easy no-sew poncho made from wool fabric. 

upcycled hoodie
Upcycled oversized sweatshirt into an awesome fitted hoodie.

Don't you think these are great ideas? I am so excited to try these soon as I am no longer confined to the couch with an elevated foot. You can find all of these pins and more on my DIY Fashion Board.

Are you on Pinterst? What are your favorite pins from Pinterest?

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