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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Instagram Is Where It's At!

Hey There!

I's been a while. This past year has been crazy. Crazy. The good news is that I'm still alive. {If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed.} I've come a long way health-wise since the last time I've posted. I am well rested and not sleep deprived. Always a good thing, right?

I've also learned a lot about priorities during the past year and discovered a couple of things along the way. Staying at home with kids, managing your home, AND doing a good job blogging consistently about making things takes way more time than I have right now. While I was blogging, I was constantly struggling to effectively manage each of those aspects, and was never able to do each of those things to the fullest. No matter how hard I tried, something always fell to the wayside. I ended up giving myself some major anxiety over this. Finally one day I realized, I don't have to do it all. I'm not a bad person if I don't. I'm not a failure either. And then I prioritized my commitments. Blogging came in behind my family and managing my home.

So what am I saying? I'm not telling you that I'm quitting my blog. That's not my plan. It's more that I don't plan on blogging much until I have both kids in school. Life is just too hectic when you have at least one little hooligan at home to take care of. So I may pop in here and there and share a project with you that I'm working on, but for the most part, blogging has been tabled to spend more time with my kids while they are home. They're only little once, right? These years are precious!

Even though I'm not blogging, I'm still around and still doing crafty things. You can still find me on Instagram. I love to share the creative projects I'm working on, colorful photos, and the things I draw inspiration from. The photos in this post are some of my favorite recent colorful photos from my Instagram account.

So let's not say goodbye. Instead let's just say,"See you later!" And in the meantime, let's keep in touch through Instagram!

Come say hi!