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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Consider the source.

I've been thinking about one issue in particular recently. In the past we have had some individuals make false accusations about Joel and I, but even if these accusations were true, it was not their place to address them. It was just none of their business. Some of them even had the audacity to sit us down and inform us of our "issues." After all of this arose, I became very paranoid. I was heart broken. I was depressed, and hurt. I was constantly crying over what others thought about Joel and I. I was in a constant state of worry. But recently I came the realization that these issues were not OUR issues, but THEIR issues. These were never issues we had, but issues they had. Their issues come to light more and more everyday. But instead they put their own problems on us. They made up issues that we never really had. They made an issue out of something that didn't exsist. And honestly those people that made these false accusations didn't know us as well as they thought they did, quite obviously. People can be so mean. But I have come to the conclusion that they're dumb. And I don't care what they think. I think that concerning this issue, I've learned to consider the source before you take what they have to say to heart. And that feels really good. Really good. And I feel so much better.

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Cara said...

You are absolutely right - usually when someone has a problem with you ( or me or anyone) its because something in us is shining a light on thier dark place and making them uncomfortable.

God bless you in your new home -
I love you both and Merry Christmas ~