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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unavoidable Circumstances.

So I had quite the experience yesterday. I attended a minister's luncheon at a restaurant with the pastor and his wife. This minister's luncheon is for all the ministers of our denomination in our section (which is basically our local area). There's this woman who belongs to our section that freaks me out every time I see her, so I usually try to steer clear of her. It's not that she's mean or rude or's just...well...let me put it this way - she has a BIG personality. And personally, I think that I have a big personality, so if someone's personality seems to supersede mine, then it really tends to overwhelm me. This woman and her personality go way beyond overwhelming me.

So anyway, yesterday I tried my hardest to avoid this woman like I normally do, but much to my dismay, I was unable. She came up to me in the restaurant, and I watched her hand, as if it was in slow motion, aim towards my belly. (AAAHHHH!!) I couldn't think fast enough to figure out how to deflect the hand. Her hand made contact with my belly. (Strike one) Then she says to me "You're still pregnant???" (Strike two) Now that comment truly baffled me. I know for sure that I have not seen this woman since I've gotten pregnant. So I gave her a funny look and said, "I got pregnant in July. I'm only 18 weeks pregnant." And then as if she had not said enough yet, she then opens her mouth again and replies, "You're SO BIG!" (STRIKE THREE - you are out. I knew I had a reason for avoiding her). WHAT THE HECK????

I'm really not that offended, mostly because I think she's a crazy lady anyway. You know, consider the source. And it mostly makes me laugh, because it totally confirms my reasons for avoiding her in the first place. Honestly, when I initially saw her coming towards me in the resturant, I expected a series of off-the-wall, obnoxious comments to come out of her mouth. So I guess I'm really not that offended. I just think she's wacko.

But you know what made it worse after that whole series of obnoxious comments that I received from her? I was then forced to sit next to her for the rest of the meeting. Because somehow, my spot at the table was moved while I was away from the table, and she sat next to me. And you know who was on the other side? NO ONE! The wall. I was stuck with her and without anyone to talk to on my other side! AND then afterwards, we stood in a circle and closed the meeting in prayer AND she made me hold her hand while we prayed!!! I hate holding hands when I pray. I think it's wierd. Not like in a homosexual way or anything, it's just awkward. Whatever. Somedays, no matter how much you try to avoid a person, your effort seems to be be in vain. And yesterday that was definitely the case.

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Cara said...

Poor you - what an experience! Your comment about holding hands made me remember something amusing. At our grandmother's table we always held hands and asked the blessing.
Now you would have to know my grandmother...she took praying very seriously so she would start with the President of the Untied States, then go to the vice-president, the congress, senators and representatives, then the governor, the state legislators, the mayor, the city councilmen, the police, the pastor and his family, a half dozen assorted radio and TV ministries, her friends, the lady she didn't like at church and finally all of the family members, thier spouses and children...and many other things that I can't remember now...she would pray forever.
All the while your food, which was sitting right under your nose and smelled like a slice of Heaven, wafting up into your face was calling your name but you dare not "let go" of someone's hand and steal a morsel.
And to make matters worse, Andrew's father no no, he revcled in making someone laugh during this already torturous(sp?) ordeal. He would start moving his head back and forth like he was dancing or try to tickle the inside of your palm or do his feet under the table like he was running away. Of course he could do all of this silently but I would burst out laughing. I made a practice of not sitting by lim at my grandmother's house.