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Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Goals

I don't necessarily believe in making New Year's Resolutions. It's not that I'm opposed to them. I completely support working toward improving yourself. I guess what I don't completely believe in is waiting until the New Year to start something that you should be doing now - like exercising more often, changing your eating habits, etc, etc. Why put off obtaining a goal until the new year when you are motivated to do it now, or at least see that you need to change? I've found that when I put off reaching a goal I know I need to reach, the more difficult it becomes to obtain it - mostly because I've gotten myself into the habit of NOT working towards it. I'm more the type of person that works towards a new goal immediately when I realize I need to change something instead of waiting until the new year. That's really why I don't believe in the resolutions.

BUT with all of that said, I have to admit, that today as I was walking, I realized that I too have set goals for myself to accomplish this year. I guess I've been mentally setting goals for myself over the past couple of weeks? Anyway, I thought I would share them with you guys. And plus whenever you voice them, it makes you that much more accountable toward reaching them. So here they are.

  • To have my dog leash-trained by the time Levi is born. And when I say leash trained, I mean not pulling me, walking beside me without stopping to smell every tree and bush along the path. Here's why - I plan on doing a lot of walking after Levi is born, and I want my dog to be well trained enough walk calmly beside the baby jogger. We've been working on this for a while, and we are making significant headway towards this goal. Brody gets better and better on a leash every day.
  • To lose all the baby weight I've had to gain through this pregnancy in a healthy way. (I'm sure you guys all assumed this...especially considering all the blogs I've written obsessing about my weight) No crash diets or excessive exercise. And hopefully I will be able to shed all those pounds but I've also read that after pregnancy sometimes you tend to permanently gain a couple of pounds. And yes I do plan to nurse Levi, which will also help with weight loss.
  • To increase our financial income while staying home with Levi. Joel and I are currently in the process of developing website businesses and selling them online. Joel has taught me the basics of creating the beginning stages of a website, and then he adds the graphics and other stuff. I'm also in the process of learning HTML. We are both hoping to have this process down to a steady routine by the time Levi comes, which in turn would be a steady second income without me having to get a work outside the home.
  • To be a good mom. I have confidence that I can do this. I want to be a mom who is flexible, who doesn't stress out about minor injuries on my child, and not too overly protective. I also want to be one who has a "plan" to work towards putting my child on a schedule.
  • To make significant headway on the photography course (through New York Institute of Photography) that I am working through, and hopefully to finish it by the end of the year...but I don't know how possible that may be considering the significant change life approaching in less than three months.
  • To find the balance between my role as a mom and wife, my involvement in our church, and my time spent as a photographer and creating websites with my husband. I have a feeling this may be tricky.
So there you go. And now you know what I will be focusing on this year. And by the way today I am 28 weeks pregnant, officially in my THIRD and FINAL trimester, and I can still touch my toes and do yoga stretches standing on one leg. I am pleased. Now if only I could keep my eating habits as good as my exercising habits....

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Cara said...

Michelle - great goals. You and Joel will be fantastic parents so that goal will be easy. Finding a balance in your life...a little tricky if you let others intervene (don't let them). About your photography - you are way too talented to let this one go on the back burner so stay with it!

Finally - please send me an email sometime and let me know what you and Joel will be charging to set up websites - I'd like to go that route one of these days (soon) if I can afford it.

I bought something for Levi (really for you guys) about two months ago and still haven't mailed it. I'm so slow - hope I get it sent before he arrives Ha HA! Please send me your address.