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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not So Bad.

So the Prepared Childbirth Class that Joel and I took this weekend was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I first got pregnant, I was hesitant to learn all the horrible details that were involved with pregnancy and childbirth. So I made it a point to learn the information as I needed to know it, or was ready to handle it. I was seriously nervous about going to the class this past weekend, because I was afraid to learn everything else that I hadn't learned about childbirth. But apparently I knew more than I thought I did, because none of the information traumatized me or caught me off guard (like some of the other couples in my class - you should have seen how large their eyes got to learn some of the stuff. It was hysterical. those poor people). I think the worst thing I learned was about C-sections. But the video they showed was just computer animation, not like a Discovery Channel real-life version. Overall, I'm glad we took the class, and now I have about a month to prepare myself mentally for what is to come...and to pray for God to give me the courage to endure childbirth. Yes, I am nervous about birth!

Two random pieces of information to share with you guys:
1) my belly is getting very large (I assume you guys all know that) but it's starting to resemble a basketball. It's really starting to look like I shoved a basketball inside my shirt. I find it amusing and frightening at the same time (geez, how much large am I going to get? I don't think I want to know the answer).
2) I have been craving oranges and orange juice like crazy these days. I guess my body needs more vitamin C? I have to make sure that I regulate how much I consume. Too many oranges create unpleasant results in your digestive system!


Cara said...

Bless your heart - you're going to do just great. Try to relax and enjoy every bit of this last month because believe it or not you will miss it (and not because of all the negative "you're gonna wish you could sleep" or any other junk like that) No, its more like you will never be here again. With all of the rest of your children you will know what to expect and you will be a mother already. This is your last month to be operating on faith and anticipation. Its a pretty cool thing to go so willingly into the unknown and you only have one more month to do that. After this you will be an ole' pro like the rest of us.
I love you guys - all three of you!

Anonymous said...

hey gurl its me jenn your going to do just fine its not as bas as alot of people make it out to be i had a natural delivery and its painful i'm not going to say its not but its over before you know it as soon as my lil angel was out all pain went away its a beautiful experience and you'll do just fine just do alot of walking it helps out so much.