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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Here I Am!

I'm still alive. I think about you guys often. I miss blogging. I have so much to tell you guys and so little time to sit down and write it. I've started to write the blog about the birthing experience about 3 times but never finish - usually because I start writing it in the evening and get too tired to finish it. Evenings are exhausting for me. So here's a couple of thoughts about what has been going on. (And I promise to write about the birth soon)

-The baby is now a little over two weeks old. This Friday would have been his due date. I'm glad he came early - especially since he was the size of a normal newborn despite his early arrival.

-The baby gets cuter by the day and he looks less and less like a child fresh out of the womb. I like him a lot. I think I'll keep him. We've also discovered that he has a firecracker of a personality. His temper amazes me. I've never seen a child so young with such a fierce temper.

-Labor and delivery were terrible. Yes they were. Serious pain. The most uncomfortable feeling I've ever had in my life was when Levi's head was crowning. All I could think about was how much I wanted to get him out of me. I hope I never feel anything worse than that. If people only knew how terrible labor and delivery could be, there would be no need for birth control - especially those unplanned teenage pregnancies. The whole experience of labor and delivery was completely surreal. I still can't believe I pushed that kid out of me. So weird.

- I was horrified to find out that after delivery your whole entire body swells up and gets seriously least my body did. I don't know about everyone else. I didn't even recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. That was freaky.

-I have 10 - 15 pound of baby weight left to lose, but I'm pretty sure that my hips have become permanently wider. Oh well. I don't care that much.

-I was supposed to be judging a Fine Arts Festival for teenagers when Levi was born. I find it hysterical that I went into labor on that particular weekend. What are the odds? I was so sure he wouldn't come that weekend, but he did. Ha ha.

-I am so tired these days. I really should be taking a nap.

-I gave my son a pacifier, even though I didn't want to. He has a habit of sucking on his hands and sometimes even his thumb when he's upset. I would much rather deal with a pacifier than a convince him to not suck his thumb anymore when he's older. You can always throw away a pacifier.

-Over the years I've changed literally hundreds of diapers, but Levi is the hardest to change. He squirms and flails like crazy every time I get near his diaper. He really hates his diaper being changed.

-Levi was born on my mom's birthday. I was super excited to realize this. And the numbers of his birthday go in a descending sequence 3-21-09. It's fun. Joel pointed this out.

-And one last thing - my sister had her baby four days after I did. both her baby and mine both weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. Our baby was a tad bit longer than his cousin.

That's all for now. Hooray for not being pregnant anymore!!!

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Cara said...

I know hindsight is 20/20 but I knew when you posted your last blog that you were very close. I rememebred feeling the same way right before Andrew came.

Can't wait to read more about Levi and to see new pictures. I know you are fatigued. Don't push yourself - its not good for you or for him. I tired mom makes a nervous baby.

And you did it!~ You really did it. I remember thinking I could do anything after giving birth. You're right - it is very surreal. Miracles always are.

Love you guys - Cara