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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I hate to admit this...

but this baby has been such a little toot. That's right. Over the last week or two Levi has decided to become an insomniac. Nap time has become the most miserable part of the day for me. For the most part he still sleeps well during the night time (thank God, I couldn't handle this at night as well), but his nap times during the day have been a nightmare. He absolutely refuses to sleep! I've tried everything - swaddling, not swaddling, rocking, singing, patting, rubbing, white noise, music, etc, etc, etc. Nothing has worked. I've checked my milk supply (which is fine), it's not gas, it's not that I need to extend his wake time either (he gets grumpy after an hour of being awake). I'm at the point to where I am letting him cry it out, because I feel like I am out of other options. He has reached a new level of screaming in the process - which is miserable to listen to. AND if that's not bad enough, today he has screamed through most of the 3 naps that he was supposed to take. At some point this kid has got to wear out, but it hasn't happened yet. Suggestions and advice are welcome!!!!!

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Cara said...

When Andrew was about three weeks old he started doing the same thing. I thought I was going to lose my mind. My grandmother said it was because he was hungry which made me mad because I was nursing and had more milk than a Jersy cow. I called the pediatrician and she said to just keep nursing but he was still crying and nursing all the time. Finally I gave up and took my grandmother's advice. I got a box of rice ceral and mixed it with a little breast milk and fed him and he immediately stopped all that crying and marathon nursing.
I never told the pediatrician. And it didn't interfere with his nursing - he continues to nurse.

Plus a crying baby makes mom tired and nervous and a tired mom makes the baby nervous so its a vicious cycle. You might try to feed Levi a very thin cereal and see if he doesn't settle down. (But don't tell the doctor- ha)