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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm still here!

Hey everyone! I'm still here. This last week has been so insane and unexpected! Last week I managed to go several days without sleeping. It was horrible. You should never do that...not that I did that on purpose. It's a long story, but basically due to a continuous cycle of extreme sleep deprivation, due to sickness, I basically BROKE my sleep! I didn't even know it was possible to do something like this. I just reached the point where my body was no longer able to fall asleep. So after several days without sleep, I ended up in the emergency room, and then later doing a sleep study. Can I just tell you I HATE going to the ER? It takes so long (even on a slow night) and it's SO expensive! So after all that, it seems as though I have sleep apnea and probably rhinitis (sinus swelling) - still waiting for the official diagnosis. I'm currently recovering from all the sleep deprivation and we are exploring sleep options for the apnea issue with the doctor at the sleep clinic. Anyway, this whole experience has taken a beating on my body - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through this experience God has taught me a lot and his provision has been amazing. All that to say that I'm ok! I just need a little bit of time to recover and return back to normal. (I'm currently suffering from extreme spaciness. Yesterday I put dinner in the crock pot at noon and then forgot to turn it on multiple times. Finally remembered around 8pm. Dinner fail. We had take out instead.) So once my brain and my body can function on a normal level, I will be back to show you the awesome stuff I've made!  Soon friends, soon. :)

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