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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brody is so fired.

I've been a negligent blogger lately. I admit it.

Brody is so fired. I have decided that he is no longer allowed in the house. Ever. The other night he sneaked into the spare bedroom and peed. Why? I have no idea. He knows better. I think he just did it just because he wanted to...if only dogs could talk...anyway, I didn't find the spot until the next morning...about 12 hours later. I was so stinkin' furious. We are RENTING this house!!! I can't have my dog run around and pee on the off-white colored carpet any time he feels like it!! I tried to take him to the spot where he peed so I could correct him. He wouldn't even go near the room. He KNEW what he did was bad.

I don't know how to get pet urine off of carpet. Animals weren't allowed in my house when I was growing up. I have ZERO experience cleaning up urine in carpet. (Our previous house had tile floors). So I did some research online to find out how to remove urine from carpet. The instructions said to "gently blot" the carpet, not to rub and to be "patient" when removing the stain, and to make sure to to thoroughly rise the soap from the carpet or else it would leave a yellow spot. ( I dump a bucket of water on it???) After about 5 minutes of little success with gently blotting the carpet, I lost my patience. (How long do I need to be patient here? 2 hours?) This is ridiculous. At this rate it was going to take all day to remove my stupid dog's urine from the carpet.

I called a professional carpet cleaner. He came and cleaned my carpet today. He gave me a good price. I paid $48 to have him remove the urine. However, the carpet now has a permanent spot on it where Brody urinated...something about the urine soaked into the carpet too long and the acid from the urine ruined the color...stupid dog. We have been living in this house for a little over a week, and have already put permanent damage into the house. Arg! And for this reason, I have banished the dog from the inside of the house...forever. I personally do not wish to run around behind the dog every time he is in the house to make sure that he doesn't pee. Nope. And I definitely do not want to be the carpet cleaner's best customer either.

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