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Sunday, January 27, 2008

One Month

So we've been here for a month now. We are definitely feeling settled these days. We've made some friends. We've connected with some of our extended family nearby. Joel likes his new job. We like our church. It's fun. I play the piano on the worship team. We've gone out to eat waaaay too's kind of like...we are finally in a place where we have more choices than McDs and local mexican food resturants...and well...the temptation is just too much! It's so exciting to be able to eat somewhere different after 5.5 years of the same thing. But the newness will wear off. Everything is going pretty well. We like it here. It's pretty sweet.

One thing that I didn't foresee coming after we moved, was the question, "What am I supposed to do here?" I spent for the last four months or so, all of my focus has been put into getting out here, that I didn't stop to think about what I would be doing here. So now that I'm here, and settled, I'm kind of what? I have so many interests and talents, I'm not quite sure what to pursue. Should I finally go back to school for a Masters like I've been planning for so many years? But do I really want to get into more debt with student loans??? Hmmm... How much time should I put into teaching piano lessons? I really want to do more photography. I know I can do it. Lots of competition out here...but I'm competitive, and I have the desire and passion do what it takes to be successful. I know I can do it. I've had a couple of potential employers show interest in my photography skills...but I'm just not sure if I what I want to pursue right now. You know what? I don't know what I want. I think.....I need to ask God for some direction here....that would be a good idea. yes it would. I think I'll do that.

And so this is our house. It's cute, but we've decided not to buy it. But it's fine for now.

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