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Monday, March 31, 2008

Here's my update...

Ahhh!! The last five weeks have been so hectic! But right now I am one happy camper. I am learning so much, and definitely have become a better photographer from this experience. Two weeks have gone by with out one scheduling problem at work. I had one issue a couple of weeks ago, and very firmly told them I could not stay any longer (they agreed that I would be off by 5 on Saturdays). I totally scared the girls working. (I don't think they like confrontations). There was no manager...and after a while, someone came and took my place, and I left to go to worship practice at church. Honestly, I think everyone at work totally had the impression that I was this nice little push-over Christian girl that they could walk all over. Well, I am nice, (most of the time!) but I'm definitely not a push-over. I may let an issue slide once maybe twice, but if it continues to occur, I'm definitely going to speak up. I did. I won. HA!

I am desperately trying to make time to work on my stockphotos. I haven't been doing well on that lately. I have pictures that have been selling, but I have a lot more to edit and upload....but here's a link to see what I have so far. More will be coming soon....
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A couple of weeks ago Joel and I played a Wii at my aunt and uncle's house. We had such a good time that Joel was determined to find one. I refused to pay for it out of our normal income. So Joel found a good deal on Craig's List , sold some of his electronics on ebay, and purchased a Wii. Even though I'm not much of a video game person, I will admit that it's lots of fun...that is when I'm not losing....

This week is District Council for all the ministers for all the A/G churches in the state. We have a serious election to do during the business meeting. The spot for the new DYD (district youth director (the person who runs all the youth activities for the state)) will be open. Two people will be considered. I've really been seeking the Lord for direction, but I'm still not sure who to vote for. We/I need prayer about this decision.

Yesterday I looked out the window to the backyard and noticed the dog was playing with a rolled-up newspaper. I did not give him this paper. I thought perhaps the neighbor boys threw it over the fence...just because boys do things like that. So I asked Joel to go and take it away from the dog before he tore it to shreds and spread it all over the yard. When Joel came back inside after taking away the newspaper, he told me the back gate was open. Joel and I were working on the yard the previous day, and apparently did not shut the gate very tightly. It was windy outside too, so the gate came open. I guess the dog took his liberty to go and inspect the front of the house, found a newspaper, and brought it back into the back yard. And then he played with it there. lol. At least he wants to be in the backyard!!

I bought a brand new lense for my camera with my paycheck from working at the studio. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, it's a 55-200mm. YES! I'm way excited about it. I can hardly wait to use it. I'm also buying a bounce flash as well. Yay!!

We finally have a new dishwasher! (Our stopped working at the beginning of February). Yay for clean dishes!!

And last but not least, I have 4 days off from work!! Definitely a blessing from God!! The company had to cut back on our hours, plus I needed to be off for District Council as well. I have a couple of days off to get some much needed rest, plus time to get some other things upload my stock photos!!

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