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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's weird.

Last week I noticed one day at lunch that my tooth was hurting. It was my top, right cuspid. (the pointy one) It was sore, like when you have braces and they get tightened. I could feel my whole entire tooth all the way to the root. Maybe I had a piece of food stuck in my gums? I went home and flossed. Same results. It definitely wasn't a cavity. I didn't have the symptoms of a cavity. My tooth would get really sore for a while, and then it would stop. It was SO WIERD!!! I was concerned and so I called and set up an appointment for the dentist. I was fortunate to get in a couple of days later. They took X-rays and examined my teeth, blah blah blah and I finally tell the dentist why I came in. He listened to my explaination of symptoms, pressed on my face with two fingers where my sinuses are. Then he asked, "Does that hurt?" "Yeah, that kind of hurt." I said. Then he plainly and matter-of-factly said, "You have a sinus infection. Your tooth was hurting from the pressure from the sinus infection." WHAT??? My tooth was hurting from a sinus infection? Weird. Very weird. But not that he mentioned it, I realized that my sinuses have been hurting. (I have allergies, so I usually don't take note of that, because I have those issues so frequently) So he gave me a prescription for Amoxacillin (or however you spell it). I filled it, and have been taking it for several days now. Tomorrow will be my last dose, and you know what? My tooth stopped hurting and I feel the sinus infection has almost cleared up too. Who would have thought????

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