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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm done!

Last night we watched, "I Am Legend". I don't know what I think of that movie. It was kind of good, but kind of creepy too. I sat huddled next to Joel for the vast majority of the movie, because I was so nervous. I also held his hand for moral support. I had a hard time sleeping because all I could think of was those Zombie people in the movie...all night long. I kept dreaming that I was constantly hiding or running away from something...I guess those images were pretty vivid and are hard to get out of your least for me. I don't know why I put myself through that to watch a movie....

Today at work, I had to help a woman who spoke Spanish only. No English. I know some Spanish, and I can usually communicate enough to get the point across...but I don't now how to say something like, "You get six different poses, and up to three different backgrounds. How many poses do you want to be in? What about your girls? Our safety policy is...." my Spanish vocabulary is limited in those areas. So today with only half of a thought, I meant to ask her (in Spanish of course) "How old is your daughter?" but instead I accidentally asked her, "How much does your daughter cost??" LOL!! OMG!!! I laughed so hard when I realized what I said. I laughed until I almost cried. I'm still laughing as I'm typing this. Fortunately the mother laughed as well.

And finally I would like you guys to all know that I am finally finished with my website!!!! Yay! Yay! YAY!!! I'm so excited. So go and check it out -

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Cara said...

Fantastic website - stay with it Michelle, STAY WITH IT ALL THE WAY -