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Monday, June 23, 2008

Canyon De Chelly

Here they are - photos from my non-vacation getaway last week with Joel (on his business trip). By the way, in case you are wondering how to pronounce the canyon's name, it's "Shay". I don't know why. Navajo, I guess. And one more thing - I apologize ahead of time if the pictures take a long time to load. please forgive me.

this one should have been rotated. sorry. this is the view from the bottom of the canyon wall

Rock stack on a canyon outlook. Some people do weird things. (but it makes a great photo)

on the edge of the canyon.

Indian ruins.

This seriously looks like a face!!!

Canyon lookout.

Yes, I know I'm amazing. And I know my hair looks great too.

This is us.

We hiked down to the bottom of this canyon. 2.5 miles both way, and 500 feet below. It took us half the recommended time. We definitely got a work out.

On the way down into the canyon.

Window Rock, Arizona - headquarters of the Navajo Nation. Serious business!!

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