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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slightly Obsessed...

My 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow and Saturday. I think I've become slightly obsessed with the details of this reunion. It seems as though suddenly I must make sure that I have the most perfect outfits to wear for both nights (something that will reveal that I am obviously pregnant, not just fat, but still must look cute), that my eyebrows are plucked (because I really do like them looking neat and groomed, I've just been too lazy to keep them up lately - probably due to pregnancy), and that this pregnancy-induced acne looks somewhat under control (I've been wearing my hair up all day, all the time to keep it off my face, washing my face consistently [but not too often], and using a face scrub every couple of days [stupid acne!]). I also planned on wearing my high school letter jacket to the football game tomorrow, but it probably won't be cold enough (Texas weather). I went online to our reunion website, found all the names of the alumni that have RSVPed to the event and looked them up in my year book. There's about 75 alumni coming, and it turns out that it's a pretty mixed crowd - not all from a certain click, various people from various crowds. That eases my nervousness about this event. I want to present myself as a person who is happy, and pleased with her life thus far. I also want to present myself as a person who loves God and follows God without shame. I want to make my a good impression on my former classmates. I feel like I've become so much of a better person since high school in so many ways (especially emotionally and spiritutally), and I want them to see the change in me. And yes, I think I sound a little obsessed - but I think I am ready.

And a couple of side notes here -

My friend Patty lent me her maternity clothes, which is very cool because now I don't have to wear t-shirts all the time (because that was all that fit).

And today I am 14 weeks pregnant! yay. It makes me very happy to be moving away from the first horrid trimester.

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