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Friday, February 6, 2009

sleepless - once again.

It is currently 1:15 a.m. After several hours of laying in bed without any hope of sleeping, I have decided to get up. I am sick. A sick person came over to my house at the end of last week and was kind of enough to share their cold with me. Thanks for being so considerate as to getting the pregnant lady sick. Thanks a lot. I would really like to call her right now and give her a piece of my mind. Apparently there is not a lot of medication that you can take while you are pregnant. How convenient. My sinuses are so congested that I can do nothing but sit up in order to breathe. Unfortunately I cannot sleep sitting up, unlike some people (my husband). So I took one plain Sudafed, the only decongestant you can take during pregnancy. It's so ironic that it's non-drowsy. Yes I feel very non-drowsy from the Sudafed, yet drowsy at the same time. I don't know what to do. I sympathize for insomniacs. Seriously. This is the second night in a row that sleep has alluded me. Last night, no matter what I tried, I felt like I was suffocating when I tried reclining or laying down to sleep due to my sinus congestion. So tonight, I tried my other option - non-drowsy medication. Now I can't sleep because the Sudafed is keeping me awake. Man, I am in bad shape here. This weekend my mom is giving my sister (who is also pregnant) and I double baby shower I am now convinced that I am going look as bad as I feel for the shower. This will be my second consecutive night in a row without sleep. I wonder how many nights in a row I can go without any sleep? I may soon find out. Someone mentioned to me earlier that that's how motherhood will be. Arg! Do you think it's very appropriate to tell me something like this right now? Did you really think that would help me feel better? Thanks for the encouragement. People can be so insensitive sometimes.

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