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Monday, August 19, 2013

Where have you been?

Have you missed me? Say yes. Even if you don't mean it. Humor me.

In case you missed it, which I seriously doubt you did, I had a baby. Almost a year ago. When I got pregnant at the beginning of 2012, I had hardest time doing anything other than laying face down on the couch and sleeping or puking in the toilet. Basically that's how my entire pregnancy went. Mostly. Good times. Not really, but totally worth it for the baby.

Our second baby was born at the end of the September after a week of on again/off again labor. So aggravating. This time around I chose not to have a birth plan, simply because I wanted to be flexible. My first son's birth didn't go quite how I hoped or planned and I was a bit disappointed (I wanted to go natural but wasn't rested enough to make it to the end). So this time I didn't plan. I probably would have attempted to do a natural birth again except for the fact that labor was frequent during that last week, that I was too hungry or tired to even consider a natural birth. (I lost a LOT of sleep that last week, and wasn't able to eat much either). When it was really time to go to the hospital this time, I just wanted an epidural so I could sleep and I wanted that kid to come OUT. And he did. About 12 hours after we checked in.

{Check out that awesome lanugo hair on his back. Such a hairy little guy}

7 lbs 10oz & 20 inches long. He looked a lot like his brother but shorter and fatter. But just a little. :)

So then after I had the baby I was super tired (of course). And I nursed this little guy. So there was no taking turns during the midnight feedings with Joel. He started sleeping for 12 hour stretches at night at the end of December, so I got more sleep at that point. But somehow between caring for an infant as well as a preschooler, I was still tired.

{Christmas Eve}

Summer proved to be chaotic and although I was rested when summer started, the chaos of summer undid my restful demeanor. We took a road trip to visit Thomas the Train, replaced the entire downstairs floor (I'll blog about that soon), my husband had about 123,897 business trips (summer is the busy season when you work in the IT field), I got super sick with a crazy sinus infection that knocked the socks off the doctors, and I managed to over-exhaust my infant and he started waking up at the crack of dawn (5:30 AM). It took FOREVER to figure out how to fix that one. (Let me tell you how awesome it was to get up at 5:30 AM with a tired baby while you are super sick and your spouse is out of town. Basically I wanted to cry those days. But I didn't. Because I'm tough. Not really.)

{Thomas the Train!!!}

But things have calmed down now. I've been on a crazy amount of antibiotics (and my face doesn't hurt from the sinus infection), the busy season is coming to a close for my spouse, the baby is sleeping until 7 AM again, our floors are done, AND my older son started preschool!

{I think this is the funniest photo ever, specifically because the older kid is accidentally covering his face and it looks like I'm about to drop the younger one. His facial expression is priceless. He is SO the younger sibling. I laugh out loud every time I see this photo.}

So basically what I am telling you is that I had to take a break from blogging between pregnancy and the first year of baby #2 because I was tired. And the thought of blogging during this time was not something I could manage. I know plenty of people manage to do both during those times, and basically I think they are like amazing. Super mom. Not me. But life has calmed down. And I'm not tired like I was before. So I'm back. Did you miss me? Say yes. ;)

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