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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Birthday Cake Smash

Recently we celebrated Cheese's first birthday. We skipped the huge party since he's too little to understand the birthday thing. But we did do a cake smash. If you aren't sure what a cake smash is, it's when you give a baby a whole entire cake, and allow them to devour it. So entertaining. Cheese's cake smash was hysterical but it didn't go how I expected...
baby sitting next to chocolate cake
Mom, I'm not sure what you want me to do here...

baby with a chocolate cake want me to touch this? And eat it too?

baby looking at chocolate cake
This is gross. I don't want to touch it.

Baby eating cake with spoon
I do like the spoon though. Spoons are great...but I think I'm done

baby crying in front of cake
I HATE THIS! Why are you making me do this?

boys eating chocolate cake with spoons
Here, Cheese, let me help you. 

two boys eating chocolate cake
Mom! Chocolate cake is the best! I don't know why Cheese doesn't want to eat any of it!

Baby with chocolate cake on him
 When we did this for Mac's first birthday, he was all over the cake....and the cake was all over him. 

Aren't kids funny? I guess that cake isn't his thing. Weird, I know! I just don't understand it. These boys are polar opposites in just about every way. What are your kids like? Do you have kids with opposite personalities?

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