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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

11 Easy to Make Halloween Costumes for Kids made from Duct Tape

This weekend I had a realization - Halloween is less than a week away. Nooooooo! This realization gave way to feelings of dread. I am not ready for Halloween. I only have one costume for one child. At this point I'm not willing to take the time to work on a cute but time consuming Halloween costume project. Are you with me? So here are 11 kid's Halloween costumes for all of us parents who have procrastinated in the costume department. But wait...they are also made from Duct Tape - So much easier, right?

Duct Tape Super Hero Costume
The Super-Hero 

Stick figure costume made with Duct Tape
The Stick Figure 

Skeleton Costume made with Duct Tape

pizza slice costume made with Duct Tape

Zebra and Lion Costumes Made from Duct Tape

Candy Corn costume made from Duct Tape

Duct Tape Life Savers Costume
The Roll of Life Savers

Charlie Brown Duct Tape Costume

Bacon and Egg costume made with Duct Tape

Watermelon slice costume made from Duct Tape
The Watermelon Slice

Bird Costume Made from Duct Tape

See, now you have some options. It's ok procrastinating parents - go get some Duct Tape. Feel better? ;)

P.S. I think I am going to do the Stick Man. Because Cheese is too little to have much of an opinion on what he wears...and it's quick and easy. Ha!

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