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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Make Glitter Heels - A DIY Tutorial

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy GLITTER. It's so sparkly, I just find it irresistible. Anybody else feel the same way? I know you do. Just admit it. Glitter is perfect for adding a little flare and it's an easy way to create a jewel-toned effect. Jewel tones are terrific for Holiday style, but also work well year-round, as long as you choose colors other than red or green. So, I upcycled a pair of lonely stilettos from my closet and I used glitter. I had so much fun, I could hardly contain my excitement as I waited for them to dry.

Glitter heels tutorial

These black stilettos have been sitting in my closet. Although I love them, I never wear them - mainly because I wear sandals for warm weather and boots for cooler weather. So, as cute as they are by themselves, I like to upcycle my clothing and accessories into more useful items. Basically what I am saying is that I have to bribe myself into wearing some items by making them more exciting. My first idea was to cover them with fabric, but after a test run I decided it was a little too 1980's-matronly. Then, I considered doing a paper collage over them, but then realized that it wasn't the look I was going for. So, I finally decided on glitter - and just to let you know, I am SO pleased with how they turned out. I cannot wait to wear these!

Supplies needed:
- a pair of heels
- masking tape
- glitter
- Mod Podge
- sponge brush

use masking tape to create a border

tape the soles

Start out by taping the edges of the heels to create a border - specifically the parts that you do not want decorated. (The soles, and the main part of the shoes)

cover toes with mod podge

Using a sponge brush, cover toes and heels with Mod Podge.

cover thoroughly with glitter

add glitter to heels and toes

heels covered with glitter

Cover thoroughly with glitter and allow to dry for several hours.

cover glitter with mod podge

Once dry, apply a second coat of Mod Podge over the glitter. Gently peel tape off of shoes once the Mod Podge is set (not drippy), but not completely dry. (I waited until the second coat of Mod Podge was completely dry before I peeled off the tape. Because of this, it was difficult to peel the tape off the shoes without pulling off the rest of the Mod Podge. I ended up using an X-acto knife to separate the glue from the tape). Be very careful to not touch the glitter. Allow to finish drying overnight.

glitter heels diy

heels with glitter on toes

glitter covered heels

Wear them and amaze all your peers with your crafty talent.
What is your glitter color preference?

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Creative K Kids said...

That is so cool--they caught my eye right away at the Family Fridays Link-up--I'm going to pin it as I'm sure one of my girls will want to do something like this one day. I also do a link up on Mondays called Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party--you might already link up; I have a hard time remembering all who does. :)