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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

15 Ways To Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

So I have a question for you guys. Has your house been overrun with plastic Easter Eggs yet? Do you found random separated shells all over the living room floor? Have you stepped on any plastic shells? Have you found them in the toys boxes? Yes? No? Not yet? Yeah, if it hasn't happened to your house yet, you know it will in about a week. Maybe your kids still have their candy stashed inside those colorful little eggs still inside their Easter baskets. However, once that beloved candy has been consumed, I assure you those pretty colorful plastic eggs will begin to travel around the house. What to do? Well, you can always recycle them OR you can upcycle and reuse the plastic Easter Eggs. Here are 15 ways to reuse plastic Easter Eggs.

Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs - from Learn Play Imagine

Egg Sculpture - from Fun-A-Day

Plastic Egg Snake - from Sewing Crafting Sarah

Light Up Fireflies - from Apartment Therapy

Snack Containers - from Real Simple

Egg Peeps - from Mom on Timeout

Easter Egg Yarn Bumble Bee - from The Inadvertant Farmer 

Easter Egg Rings - from Dollar Store Crafts

Easter Egg Popsicles - from Kailo Chic

Homemade Play-doh Storage - from Olds Ninety-Eight

Memory Game - from Happily Ever Mom

Plastic Egg Maracas - from Ramblings From Utopia

Easter Egg Math -  from The Happy Teacher

Plastic Easter Egg Teacups - from Design Dazzle 

Easter Bunnies - from Crafts Unleashed

Which one is your favorite? What is your favorite way to reuse plastic Easter eggs?

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