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Thursday, March 8, 2007


It's been a month since my dog disappeared. She also needs her heartworm medicine today. I can hardly believe it's already been a month. Everybody knows that I've been quite heartbroken over losing her. I still miss her. I never realized how much she kept me company when Joel wasn't home. I get more lonely now. But it's been a month, and I'm ready to accept the fact that she's not coming back. I suspect that my dog was either eaten by the moutain lion, or taken by somebody. But we'll probably never really know what happened to her, and that drives me crazy. (my neighbor told us a couple of days ago that he was visited by Sachi's ghost, because he was awoken to something licking his toes the way Sachi used to). But I am thankful for the time that we did have her. Sachi was truely a gift to Joel and I. The Lord knew exactly what we needed at that time, and she truely brought joy to us (that is, when she wasn't getting into trouble). At the time, I was having a difficult time getting out of an "emotional funk". I needed something to put my attention on. Right before Sachi came, Joel had been constantly talking about how much he wanted to get a dog. I was reluctant. But I asked God to help us to find the right dog. And then one day she followed me home, and we ended up keeping her. We named her Sachi. We found the name on the internet. It's Japanese for "girl-child of bliss," and she truely lived up to that name (even the child part) lol. I have to admit that she was above and beyond our expectations. She house trained herself, she played hide-and-seek, she rarely barked, she let me dress her up (lol), she was intelligent, and she was completely loveable. (She also turned out to be quite an expensive dog. She was constantly getting into trouble the required medical attention! But that was ok) I am so grateful for being able to have her. We'll be getting another dog within the next couple of months. I only hope that we can find a dog as neat as Sachi was. (She even had a cool name...well...we gave her that name) Thank you, Lord for Sachi. We loved her very much.
In the 2nd picture, Joel was showing her the goldfish swimming inside the bowl. In this last picture, Sachi was trying her hardest to convince me to let her inside. Since it was snowing, I did.

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