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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

we found her.

DSC01541This morning our landlord called and told us they found Sachi. Unfortunately, she was dead. Our landlord's wife and a couple of their boys were checking on something on their ranch about a mile south of where we live and they found Sachi. She had been caught in a baited poacher's trap; a trap to catch foxes and coyotes. Sachi was caught in the poacher's trap for FIVE weeks!!! The poacher was very irresponsible....and heartless too. So Joel and I went out there this morning with our landlord, and the game warden. The sheriff had been there too. It turns out that this was very serious business. Someone had been poaching on their land, and had killed a pet in the process. The poacher hung a deer's leg along with cat's carcass from a tree with the cord of a curling iron. The trap was nailed to the tree. It was one of those metal traps with the jaws that snap shut. Sachi had only been caught by two of her toes on her hind foot. Our landlord filed a report. The game warden took pictures. The sheriff and the game warden will be talking to the people who live in the area. If they actually catch the poacher who set the trap, the poacher will be in serious trouble. So after all the pictures had been taken, Joel and my landlord released Sachi from the trap. I can't believe she was only caught by her toes! She didn't starve to death, and she hadn't been shot. We had some cold weather at the time she turned up missing, so she probably froze to death. The weather has been fairly cold until the last couple of days, which is probably why she hadn't decomposed very much yet. So we took our dog home this morning and buried her nearby. It was sad, but it actually helped me to see her again (even though she was dead) because it gave me closure. And to tell you the truth, I actually feel better knowing what happened to my cute little dog. She was constantly getting into trouble, and eventually her curiosity got the best of her. It was a terrible way to die. I'm glad that we had her for the year that we did. We loved her so much!

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