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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I like charities. I think they're important, whether they're with a religious organization or not. I've had a desire for quite a while now to branch out beyond my denomination's charities and support a couple different causes. There are plenty of organizations that support great causes.

After doing some thinking (I had a lot of time to think this weekend while Joel was out of town. lol) I've decided that I would like to support organizations that fight genocide, and organizations that fight against child slavery/child prostitution. So I am currently researching various charities to find some that fit the issues I would like to support. The problem I've come across is that many of the organizations that support the humanitarian causes that I would like to support, such as fighting genocide, also have a far-left liberal political agenda attached to the organization. Not exactly my cup of tea. I think a lot of times the need for intervention goes beyond your political stand, and I dislike it when people use a charity to promote their political agenda. Of course I suppose the same thing could be said about Christian Charities as maybe I just argued against my own arguement...hmmm...

ENOUGHAs of right now Speed the Light, and Invisible Children are two charities that have my support. From time to time Joel and I also send money to the St. Judes Children's hospital as well. I'm also looking into the Enough Project, amoung others. So I would like to know, what charities you support? What's your view on supporting charities inside your religion? How do you feel about supporting charities outside of your religion?

And now for something totally off the subject. Yesterday Joel and I booked a seven-day cruise to the Bahamas in September. I am really excited!!

One more thing. Joel has decided to start blogging again. You can check out his blog at

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