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Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's official...

I'm getting old. Ok. Just kidding about that. But after a visit to the eye doctor yesterday, I have learned that I now need glasses for reading, computer work, etc. I've always had 20/20 vision...but not anymore. My vision is still very good. And I only need a low prescription of reading glasses that you can find at yesterday I bought 4 pairs for $20!! Here's the best part...each pair is different, so I can change my look whenever I grow tired of a pair. I love it!! Ha ha. I like my glasses. They help me see better. And that makes me happy.

Now, speaking of getting old. Last night Joel and I attended the high school graduation for one of the teeagers in our youth group. The older brother of this particular student, who graduated only two years before her, said to us last night, "I'm getting old. My sister is graduating." And when he said this, Joel and I just looked at him like he was crazy. We exclaimed, "You only graduated two years ago!" (This guy hasn't even graduated from college yet and he's saying this!!) He then gave us an explaination of why he was getting old (which was reality, he's realizing that he's not a child does that mean that everyone who's not a kid anymore is old?). A couple of months ago, he was telling us that he was getting old because he's turning 20. Wow. That's funny. I don't really consider myself old...but I'm turning 27 this year. He must think we're ancient. Yeah, whatever. So anyway, after considering the silliness of what he said to us recently, I've decided that I will no longer say that I'm (or we're--meaning Joel and I) getting old. Why? Because just as it sounded silly to us for this guy to say that he's getting old at the mere age of 20, it must also seem silly for us to say to a 45-year-old that we're getting old at the age of 27. You know what age I think is R E A L L Y old? 73!!! (Just kidding Grandpa & Grandma!! (they read my blog))

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Cara said...

Michele - you're too funny. But I can remember my grandmother at 73 years of age. She would wake up at 5am without an alarm clock and do more work before noon that I do all week.

I don't think we ever get old..worn out maybe..old, never!