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Monday, May 14, 2007

It is SOOOO over!!!

Ok. So after nine long years in college, Joel finally has his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science!!! I'm so PROUD!!!

The highs and lows of our weekend consisted of:
  • spending time with family from out of town (my parents, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins)
  • lots of stress pre-graduation ceremony
  • a really long, boring, and disorganized ceremony...we left before the ceremony ended...even Joel...he just walked out off the graduating floor. it was funny.
  • spending mother's day with my mom for the first time in about 4 or 5 years.
  • not being able to sit with my in-laws and husband for Mother's Day lunch at the resturant because somebody (that shall remain anonymous) failed to consider that my family would be coming too (duh). (I was seriously angry over this...and it took me a couple hours to get over my anger)
  • preparing for Joel's graduation with not as much help as promised. (it still worked out anyway)
  • a REALLY fun graduation party at our house, with lots of friends and family.
  • LOTS of money for graduation presents!!!! Joel still hasn't decided what he's going to use his money for yet.
  • a wonderful session of foot soaking and foot massages after it was all over and cleaned up.
  • and BTW, I'm seriously sad that Yau-man was voted off Survivor last night. He was my all-time favorite!! I'm a Dreamz-hater for now (He didn't even win anyway). I yelled "NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" When he got voted off last night. lol.
  • Joel will not be doing any graduate work. We're not going to be doing the school thing for nine more years.

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Cara said...

Well congratulations and thanks for posting a photo! Wish I could have come home for the celebration but it just wasn't feasable.