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Thursday, November 29, 2007

All I want for Christmas is...

an external hard seriously.... you can stop laughing now. It's true. I don't have room to store all my photos on the computer...I need an external hard drive. (It's so obvious that I'm married to a computer nerd...I get dorkier by each passing day) That is what I want for Christmas. Wow, I feel like a dork.

Joel and I have decided to buy ourselves a present together for Christmas this year. We are desperately trying to save money for our upcoming move and hopefully a new house sometime next year. We decided to get ourselves something practical. Something we could be both use. External hard drive it is.

One other gift we will be purchasing this year for ourselves will not actually go to us, but to someone in need. Joel and I have decided to start a new family tradition, and that is to buy a gift for a charity of some sort. Operation Blessing International provides the opportunity to purchase supplies, operations, food, shelter, etc for people in economically depressed countries. We have decided to purchase something for a needy family from Operation Blessing as well. I'm excited about this opportunity, and look forward to this new tradition. Over the coming years we will sit down with our (non-existent at the moment) children and choose a gift for a needy family. Very exciting.

So Thanksgiving was fun. (Just in case you were wondering) We spent it with my parents and siblings (and Aaron). And perhaps I will put up pictures later. But not now. I'm tired. And I'm lacking the patience at the moment too.

I've been working on a building a "portfolio" for my pictures. I started out by making a photoblog on but then out of the the blue Joel decided to buy a domain name for me and so now I have my own website to display my work. I'm not going to tell you what it is yet, because I'm still working on it, but when I have significant progress on it, I'll let you guys know.

A friend asked me to tutor her kids with their homeschool until we move, and I have consented. I like doing it. And I like helping my friend too. Since I've graduated from college, this has been my fourth job in education. Each opportunity has fallen into my lap. I have never sought them out. I find it strange. And although I enjoy them, I have absolutely no desire to get a teaching license or pursue a career in education, nor do I feel God leading me to do so. But I have to ask, "God, what are you doing here? And why do you keep presenting me with these jobs in education?" That is one thing I do not understand about my life right now. I feel a little baffled.

My time has been consumed between teaching music lessons, tutoring, photography, and preparing for the holidays and everything else that comes with it (anniversary, piano recital, etc), and that is why I have failed to write so frequently. Just so you know. And now I'm tired and I'm going to bed.


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