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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Last weekend

So this past weekend Joel and I went to Dallas. We had a great time visiting family, and friends, enjoying some of the sights, and going to the wedding of a very good friend. Here's a couple of shots from this weekend.

We totally stole this picture idea from Emily. But I'm glad I did....I've always wanted to be a

my brother....climbing on the fountain at SAGU. (i told him to)

visiting the alma mater. they made it way cooler since I graduated. It makes me bitter. No just kidding. Ok....maybe just a little bit.

Yup. Standing on the sign. Just as cool as ever. (*Dear ole' Southwestern, I remember yoooouuuu....* ok. nevermind. terrible song)

Good times with college friends (& bridesmaids) at Cafe Brazil. Seriously good food too.

Joel and Carlos B. Friends from the days spent in Vegas.

Sarah & Eric. One of our favorite couples finally tied the knot!!!

A view of downtown Dallas from Reunion Tower. It took forever to get this shot. Do you like the bars going through the picture??? lol.

In addition, we also went to IKEA for the very first time, and finally understand what all the raving of this store is about. I hope we get one out here someday.

We went ice skating at the mall in Frisco. Good times. I fell twice. The first time I tripped, flew forward, and landed flat on my torso. It hurt really badly. I had to crawl off the ice as I held back the tears. The second time I fell backwards and landed sitting down. Someone stopped and asked if I was alright. My response was, "Yeah, the first time hurt way worse than this time!" lol. I have lots of bruises, and a couple of scrapes.

We went down the Waxahachie and went to the Dove's Nest for lunch. I seriously miss eating there. Good food and good memories.

One last thing. This weekend I sold my very first picture on istockphoto!!! Yay!! Someone bought one of my pictures!!! And I currently have 6 pictures online for sale. Yay for accomplishments!

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Cara said...


Don't you love it - nothing in the world feels like this does. Love the photos especially the butterfly.