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Friday, November 16, 2007

My mother told me...

to never pet stray cats when I was young, because I could get ringworm. I believed her. I've always avoided stray animals for that reason.

(WARNING: this blog has the potential to gross you out, feel free to skip reading this blog)

Remember how I mentioned in one of my blogs recently that Brody had a bald patch on his head? I showed it to a friend who's a rancher. (ranchers can be fairly knowledgeable about doctoring their animals) She said it was a fungus, probably ringworm...but then she paused and said, "but if it's ringworm, then you guys would have it too...." her voice trailed off. I pulled up the sleeve of my shirt to show her a round red mark on my shoulder a little smaller than the size of a dime. I thought it was a bug bite. But after she examined it, she confirmed that the spot on my shoulder is ringworm....uhhhh!!! She then went on to explain that ringworm is quite common to find in animals around here because the dirt carries that fungus.

When we found out what this was, I immediately picked up some medication from the pharmacy and have been applying it to both myself and the dog religiously. So far Joel has no signs of ringworm. Last night I was doing some research online about ringworm. I found out that it is very contagious. Just by touching the affected area, you can get it.

I found the mark on my shoulder when I was in Dallas last weekend. I had no idea it could be ringworm. I just assumed it was a bug bite. The worst part is that I wore a dress to the wedding that exposed my shoulders. I hugged so many people. It just blows my mind to think how many people could have been infected and not even know it! Oops. wow. I feel bad.

Ok, well I'm sure that every single one of you guys wanted to know about my ringworm crisis. I don't know why I talk about these things....


Cara said...

When I was really young our grandmother (Nonnie) lived in El Monte California. I got a ring worm on my cheek of all places. My Nonnie when out and got a green Walnut off of a tree in the back yard and sliced it open. Then she "bandaged" it to my cheek she said it would draw the worm out. I guess it did because we never went to the doctor or anything but I can't remember if we "examined" the walnut later so I don't know how she knew it had been successful. It weird to think about now but the old foks sure had thier ways of "doctor'en" back then and they were usually right.

Unknown said...

you know, someone else told me to do the same thing, but i don't know where to find walnuts...other than the grocery store...and they don't come with the green skin over it...