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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's like a giant commerical...

Currently I am reading:

Sacred Influence - What a man needs from his wife to be the husband she wants by Gary L. Thomas. My mom gave me this book for Christmas. I like it. I'm about a third through the book. So far, I've found it very insightful and I highly reccomend it to any married woman reguardless of your situation in your marriage.

The Photographer's Eye - Composition and Design for better Digital Photos by Micheal Freeman. I've been working on this book for about 6 months. I think it's better to read this book slowly, in order to absorb and put the concepts into practice...but I think 6 months is going a little long....

Rich Woman - A book on investing for women by Kim Kiyosaki. Yes. Joel has been getting on my case to read this book for about a year and a half. He has big financial investment plans for our future...and although the thought of investing bores me to tears, I still think this is good for me to know...

The Self Compass - Charting Your Personality in Christ by Dr. Dan & Kate Montgomery. Our pastor recomended that Joel and I read through this book together.

So that's four books I'm currently in the middle of. Somehow I've got to find more time to finish all of these books. I really try not to read so many at once...

Last weekend Joel and I went to a marriage conference called Marriage Tune Up II. Let me tell you, this conference was so good. We really enjoyed it. If you have an opportunity to go to this conference, you should take it. It's so good. Not only did they talk about the issues you deal with marriage in a humorous way, but they also provided a lot of insight. It was really good. The conference really taught us how to work through our issues better, it reaffirmed the fact that Joel and I have a really good relationship (which we always thought we have, even though others told us we didn't, but that just proves that they don't know us as much as they thought they did), and also helped us to recognize destructive patterns in personality types so we can avoid them in our own marriage.

Now to change the subject completely. A couple of days ago, as Joel and were backing out of our driveway, we noticed that the gate to the backyard was wide open, which is where Brody spends most of his time. So I got out of the car and went to close the gate. Brody ran up to the gate, but didn't go outside of the backyard. The gate had been open for several hours, and Brody knew it, and still didn't run out of the backyard. What a good dog! The wierd thing is that, how did the gate come open in the first place? We haven't used that gate in a week....and I double checked to make sure it was closed. Makes me a little nervous to think about.

Yesterday we took Brody to a dog park nearby. It was really fun. And Brody had a great time. I like living out here with all kinds of interesting things like dog parks, and Starbucks, and walking paths all over the city. It's great.

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