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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Superlative Moments.

Most Embarrassing Moment:
When I was in the seventh grade I weighed probably about 80 pounds and I had a huge, expandable Colorado brand backpack. On this particular day, my backpack was filled to the max. My mom dropped me off at school, and I was walking up the steps. I tripped on the steps, and my gigantic backpack threw me off balance and I had a terrific spill on the steps. As I was getting up, three ninth graders walked past me. One of them, a guy, pointed at the steps and said to me, "Stairs. You walk up them." And walked away. I wanted to die.

Most Amusing Moment:
One time in church during the part where you greet everyone, a toddler ran past me. As she ran past me, her shoe came off. I picked it up and proceeded to toss it the mother about 15 feet from me. I have terrible aim. I totally missed. Instead I hit a grandma on her shoulder. I managed to throw a shoe at an old lady during church!!! She looked at me in total surprise. I apologized and laughed hysterically. After that incident, we became good friends.

Most Excited Moment:
I should say that my wedding was my most exciting moment, but I was so stressed at the time (weddings are stressful) that I hardly was able to enjoy the moment. Plus it all went so fast. So I'm going to say that my most exciting moment was finally getting accepted to be a photographer for and then selling my first picture. I doubted myself and my abilities because I have not had any formal training. But photography had been a secret desire of mine for years. So to finally find a small amount of success was a huge thing for me.

Most Traumatic Moment:
I know CPR. Last summer there was a motorcycle accident on the highway in front of my house. A truck hit a motorcycle head on. The man on the motorcycle was dragged for about a hundred yards or so. He lost his leg. Like...the leg was just gone. It ground off as he was dragged down the road. His bone was showing. Joel and I heard the accident from our house. We went to help. There wasn't too much I could do to help. I stayed and talked to the man until the EMT came. That was the goriest scene I've ever seen in my life. The good news is that the man lived, and now has a prosthetic leg. If you want the whole story you can check my blogs from June or July 2007.

Proudest Moment:
Graduating from college. Because of my insecurities at the time, getting a degree in music was something I had a difficult time doing. People questioned my abilities. People doubted me. But I did what seemed to be the impossible. Finishing school was a major accomplishment. And it was such a good feeling to finally not have homework anymore!!

Saddest Moment:
This time last year, we lost our first dog Sachi. I was so sad. My heart ached so much. I cried continuously for almost three days straight. We did everything we could to find her. We put up fliers all over town. I called every single rancher in the area to see if they had seen my dog. We went online to missing dog websites and reported her missing. Everybody in the whole entire town knew she was missing. About a month or two later our landlords found her caught in a poacher's jaw traps. She died there. The sheriff, and the game warden were called. There was a report filed. We took Sachi home and buried her.

Most Awkward Moment:
Joel and I had been dating for a month of two. We were eating ice cream in one of those restaurant/gas stations and he told me that he liked me. I felt my face turn red. I was caught off guard. Then I shyly told him that I liked him too...we both giggled for a while because we both felt so awkward and didn't know what to do. Yeah, that was weird. I'm glad we're past that stage in our relationship.

Most Frightened Moment:
The first time I saw a centipede. We had only been married about 4 months. As I was walking out the door, I heard a hissing noise next to me. I looked the wall next to me and saw a huge 10 inch centipede. Black with yellow legs. It reared up and hissed at me. Like a cobra snake. I panicked and called Joel at work. He didn't answer. The I called my father-in-law. He told me to step on it. (Yeah, right) Finally I grabbed one of Joel's steel toe boots and started smashing it until it was nothing but a green pile of mush. (I wanted to make sure it was dead). Then I went next door and found my landlord and told him what happened. He was so sympathetic. He sent one of his sons over to pick it up and throw it away for me. Ha ha.

Feel free to share a superlative moment or two of yours if you feel inclined to do so.

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