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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Today is the day of the Superbowl. Now, I am not a big fan of the Superbowl, but I am a big fan of Superbowl parties. I was planning on having one at my house. Not anymore. Joel and I are sick...along with half of the rest of the state. It was said on the news, that this virus (or whatever it is) has been state wide. I've been told that one school considering closing due to over 50 kids were absent from prevent it spreading. Joel didn't go camping in the snow with the men this weekend because he was sick. A decent portion of the other men didn't either because they were sick as well. Most of the worship team and the sound people are also sick this weekend. They actually had two people from the worship team lead the music at church today. Everyone else was sick. Seriously!! Joel and I didn't go to church today either. I'm starting to feel better, but this whole sickness thing has been such and epidemic, we decided it would probably be best if we didn't contaminate the rest of the people from our church who weren't sick. I'm disappointed. I like our church. I like going. Oh well. And I guess we are not having a party at my house today either. Boo.

Let me tell about our recent discovery! Joel and I found a movie rental machine at Walmart called the Red Box. It's cool. It works like a vending machine. You swipe your card, and select a movie. The best part is that it only costs $1 a night!! So if you return in within 24 hours, you only pay $1!!! How cool is that? Way cheaper than Blockbuster or Netflicks. You guys should really check these out.

I've been asked to talk about our current church. I realized that I haven't mentioned too many details about it. So here's the deal. Back in October, Joel and I knew we would be moving at the end of December, but we weren't sure where we were supposed to go. We sat down together a couple months previously and made a mental list of characteristics of the type of church we were looking to be involved with. While working at a youth convention, we met the pastor of a church plant called, Life Fellowship Church.When the pastor found out that we were planning to move, but didn't know where, he began to recruit us to his church. Over the next several days we had lunch with his family, he discussed his vision and plan of execution for the church, we went to a worship rehearsal, and finally visited his church on Sunday morning. After that weekend, it was quite evident that this was the place that the Lord wanted us to be...and the cool thing was that that church, LFC, matched the list of characteristics that we made a mental list of a couple of months before we met the pastor of this church.

So our church, LFC, is a church plant. It was started in August of 2006. It has casual laid back cafe type atmosphere. We sit around tables instead of in pews. There's coffee and snacks in the back. We have a church service with worship time and a message. We just give it a different feel. We don't have a building yet, so we meet in the local Boys and Girls club building. We have to set up and tear down our equipment each week. tables, chairs, sound equipment, instruments, etc. We even have a portable nursery. We store all of our equipment in a semi-portable storage unit. I think it's called a POD. Our church is unique. It has a different feel. It's not your average church. I like it. It's what I've been searching for. It's the place that Joel and I have been looking for to belong to. We believe in the vision. We believe in where this church is going. It's so neat to see how God places desires in your heart before you even find the place where these desires fit in.

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