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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The wedding.

Did you guys miss me? Of course you did. So the wedding that Patty and I shot went really well. We didn't mess up the pictures. I think we did a great job, especially considering that this was our first wedding. I think that I like the wedding photography business. I would like to continue down this road. It also can pay out a LOT of money. I now understand why wedding photographers are so expensive. I learned a lot from this wedding and I know what I need to improve on. So this month I plan on putting a lot of time into studying the areas I'm weak in...because I have two more weddings next month!! Very exciting.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the wedding.

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Cara said...

Oh My Gosh! Michelle these are fantastic - You are already unbelievably good - I hear you say you need to improve but what you have naturally in your ability to see a potential scene is not something you learn from a book. Lots of people can take photos - very few can tell a story with a lens.