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Monday, July 28, 2008

You know what aggrivates me?

When you turn in your hours in a timely manner to the person who does payroll. But then the person that does Payroll goes out of town on vacation, and neglects to give you your paycheck, even though you turned in your hours several days before they left. And while they are enjoying their nice little vacation, you have expenses coming in (like the health insurance payment that automatically withdraws from your bank account each month) and you start overdrafting on your account (because, well, you were supposed to have your paycheck by then)- and then you have to pull money out of your savings account to pay for someone else's lack of planning. And then when they finally do get back from their nice vacation, they still don't get your paycheck to you, because they have a "stack of other things to get to" - WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU???? AND WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID THAT YOU FAIL TO REALIZE THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE GREATLY AFFECTED BY YOUR SERIOUS LACK OF PLANNING???? ARRRRGGGG!!!!

You know, I'm all about people taking a break and vacations. Those are needed. But why in the world would you leave a bunch of loose ends when you leave? If you can't finish everything before you go, can you at least set a system in place to take care of things while you are gone??? Don't be stupid.

in the meantime I am quickly losing my faith in humanity and their ability to function on an intelligent level. And my fridge and pantry shelves are quickly becoming bare. And I've had a serious craving for some homemade Pretzel Balls from a local market, and NO MONEY to purchase them! AHHH!!! I'm so frustrated.

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Cara said...

Are they technically "homemade" if you buy them at the market?