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Thursday, August 7, 2008


This morning I realized that last month I only wrote three blogs. I think that's kind of sad. I'm going to make a point to do a little better than three per month. I had plenty of things to blog about, but it seemed that whenever I had something to write about, there was always something to stop me - I was either too tired, or too busy.

Here's some recent happenings:

-The pastor and his family went on their first vacation since they started the church over two years ago. Joel and I were left in charge (the board members were too). Things went pretty smoothly while they were gone.

You know how I said in my last blog that my faith in humanity's ability to function on an intelligent level has been decreasing? It's true. And I lose more faith in humanity's intelligence almost daily. Here's another reason that has contributed -

-I recently went to Walmart (I'm beginning to develop a love/hate relationship with that place). I wore a navy blue shirt. (Big mistake). I found a parking place close to the front, but it was blocked by a shopping cart that someone had not returned to the cart corral. So I parked half-way, left the car running, got out, and proceded to move the cart out of the way. While I was doing this, a lady came up to me and asked me if I was taking all the carts back. I said, "No, I'm parking." She thought I was a Walmart employee because I was moving a shopping cart AND I was wearing a navy blue shirt, just like all the employees. When she realized her mistake, she said, "Excuse me." but then left her stupid shopping cart next to me for me to take for her! What is wrong with you? Don't be stupid!! I didn't take her cart.

-A child with too much time on their hands recently found a can of spray paint and decided to display their artistic abilities on the side of our house. They spray painted our house. (Thanks a lot). My neighbor came over the next day to let me know about it. They went into her backyard and spray painted. She and I both called the police and made a report. I had to call the rental agency and they came out and inspected it, and then sent someone to paint over it. The side of our house is now as good as new. I guess this is another great example of stupid people.

- I have a wedding next week. And the following weekend, I have one more. I'm looking forward to them. :o)

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