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Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Wall Art

I've done a serious amount of DIY crafts over the past several days. I'm like manic or something, but I've had so much fun. So here is one of the projects that I worked on:

I found this project on the blog A Beautiful Mess and had to try it.

 I found this painting (minus the words) at the Good Will for $10. I found the vinyl letters at the Home Depot for about $3.50. But the problem was that the sentence I wanted on my painting had a lot of letters, specifically a lot of "L's". The package I bought only had 2 or 3 "L's". So instead of buying enough packages to fill my letter quota, I found some vinyl cling stickers at the dollar store, traced the letters onto the stickers, and cut them out with a box cutter. (I'm cheap!) You can also use contact paper, but they were out at the dollar store, and I didn't want to drive to another store to hunt some down.

 After I placed the letters where I wanted them, I spray painted the entire canvas. Once the paint was dry (about 45 minutes), I peeled the letters off. 

finished canvas spray painted over letters
Ta-Dah! The finished product. I love it. It's a little hard to read because there are so many colors, but I'm still pleased with the results. We hung it in the entry way above our front door.

Total cost of the project - $15 (canvas, vinyl letters, and vinyl wall cling used to cut up. I didn't buy spray paint. Instead I used some that I had leftover from a previous project)

Total time working on the project - about 2 hours (excluding drying time. It would have only been about 30 minutes if we didn't have to trace and cut out all the extra letters).

This was a fun project. You should do it!

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