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Friday, November 11, 2011

Shaving Cream Paint

A couple of nights ago, I needed an activity to occupy my son long enough to keep my sanity until his bedtime. So I consulted my "Kids Activities" board on Pinterest and found an excellent pre-bath time activity. Shaving Cream Paint. Oh yes.

All it required was shaving cream, food coloring, a muffin tin, and a brush (I used an old basting brush).
I allowed The Toddler to add the food coloring to each cup of shaving cream, which he LOVED. By the way, that greyish color was supposed to be purple. Just so you know.

Then I put the toddler the tub, and let him paint his little heart out. He had a blast.

The only drawback to this activity is if your toddler announces that he needs to pee, and is covered with shaving cream paint. Just make sure you have an old towel handy!

The best part about this is the easy clean up! Rinse the shaving cream off of your bathtub (and walls) with a cup of water! Ta-Dah! Done. And then throw your kid in the bath to finish up. And then bed. That's my favorite part. :)

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