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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

Do you want to know what I've been up to over the past several days? Lots! We've visited a pumpkin patch, Dressed up the toddler for various Halloween Events, taken him Trick or Treating and I even sprained my ankle! That's right, I sprained my ankle. Boo!

On Friday, we went with our mom's group to visit a pumpkin patch. Innocent enough, right??

There was a petting zoo with a cute little pony who adored the kids and stood next to the fence so all the little ones could pet him.

And we went on a hayride, where I forced my son to take a picture with me. See how happy he is to get his picture taken? (p.s. I'm wearing my mom's shirt from the 70's. My dad bought it for her when they were engaged. vintage. yes)

And The Toddler was allowed to pick out his very own pumpkin. This is the one he chose. He carries it around the house too, because he is so proud of it.

But there was this one slide at the pumpkin patch. This is the top of the slide in the picture - that big black tube. It was a bad slide. I went down it with my son and his friend. The slide was steep, and I was holding 50+ pounds of extra weight going down the slide. I couldn't slow myself down in time. So I slammed into the ground at the bottom. But I didn't drop the 2 toddlers. Just so you know. My ankle twisted outward really far. Fortunately I was wearing my cowboy boots (love those) and they have extra support around the ankles. I'm confident that if it wasn't for my boots, my ankle would be broken. It took me a couple of minutes before I could stand up. We did a couple more activities at the pumpkin patch before the pain began to really set in and we had to go home.

And now I get to wear this. Isn't that great? Not so much. Pretty certain it's a sprain and not a break - just by the way it feels. (I've had breaks and sprains before). I haven't gone to the doctor, but mostly because I'm pretty certain it's only a sprain - but there is definitely no walking on it. So the boot is my next best option. And this is how I spent the next several days - when we weren't doing other fun things.

We also went to the Zoo Boo and the Toddler chose to dress like Superman. See how excited he is to take a picture here too? I tried to convince him to wear his cute monkey costume, but he wasn't interested. Whatever. We stayed at the zoo until it became unbelievable crowded and my ankle started to ache, and I felt the need to mow people down for not moving out of the way for a lady with a gimpy leg. (aka me)

My parents also came to into town to visit us. My mom and I checked out a couple of antique shops. Because we like that sort thing - even if we don't buy anything. It's always fun to look at the unique stuff. Here are a couple of things I liked and a couple of things I found amusing.

Check out this scooter! How awesome is this???

This circley wire thing is a vintage flower holder. This would be an awesome DIY project.

I'm not so sure I understand the outfit on his manikin...hmm....

Halloween costume anyone? Nice.

So to end it all, we dressed up the Toddler in his awesome monkey costume took him trick or treating to a couple of neighbor's houses, and then took him to a Trunk or Treat at our church.

I forgot to take more pictures of his cute costume. I was busy having a sprained ankle. Ha.

We had lots of fun over the past several days (except for the sprained ankle part. That wasn't very fun), but I am glad the festivities are over. Now, onto Thanksgiving. :)

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