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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An Awesome Snack + An Anniversary

I have a new favorite afternoon snack - Whole Grain Toast spread with Nutella and topped with banana slices. It's nothing profound or even terribly creative, however I find it so satisfying and delicious, that I look forward to making it every afternoon. It makes me sad when I run out of bananas or bread before I can go grocery shopping again. I recommend that you try this amazing, satisfying, chocolatey -goodness snack.

In other news, the spouse and I celebrated 7 adventurous years of marriage with an indulgent dinner at The Melting Pot. Have you ever been there? They serve fondue. It's amazing. We had four courses - a cheese fondue appetizer, a salad, a fondue entree with a variety of surf and turf, and one amazing chocolate fondue for desert pureed with raspberries and peanut butter. Oh, it was good. So very good. I think I want to go there again - just for that chocolate fondue.

Our younger and skinnier days. Like the spouses' hair? I like him better bald. :)
I'm looking forward to 60 more years of adventures with this great guy!

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