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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Do you want to know how awesome I am? Let me tell you.

Last week I went to the podiatrist (aka foot specialist) to check on my ankle. I got more x-rays, had my foot removed from the boot (finally), got a new smaller ankle brace (that I can finally wear with shoes), and was assigned to go to physical therapy.

So after I finish, I'm at the front desk, scheduling a follow-up appointment, and waiting for my papers. The receptionist was confused and gave me the address for a different physical therapy office than the one the doctor assigned to me. I knew it wasn't the correct office so after she checked with the doctor, we got it all straightened out and I got the info to the correct PT office.

Fast forward to yesterday. I have my first appointment with the physical therapist. I thought I knew where the physical therapist office was, but when I got to where I thought the office was, the address was different than the one I had on my paper from the doctor's office. So in the midst of my confusion, I look across the street to the other medical offices, and BAM! Right in front of my face is the sign for VC Physical Therapy. (Name abbreviated, because it's really not that important). "That must be it." I thought as I drove across the street and parked in their parking log.

So I go inside and sign in. And here is the conversation I have with the receptionist:
Receptionist:  Can I have your name?
Me: Michelle. Michelle Sexton.
Receptionist: What time were you scheduled for?
Me: 12:00
Receptionist: Hmmm....I don't see you on here....How do you spell your last name?
Me: S-E-X-T-O-N
Receptionist: Hmmm...I just can't find it. What did you schedule an appointment for? Was it just a consult? Or was it for physical therapy?
Me: I don't know. My doctor told me to come to physical therapy here. So I called and set up an appointment.
Receptionist: And what time was is for again?

At this point, I pulled out my paper from the doctor's office with the information about the physical therapy office. And I realize, that I am at the WRONG OFFICE!!!! Ha ha ha! I was supposed to go to an office called Select Physical Therapy not VC Physical Therapy.

So I hold up the paper and say, "I guess it would help if I went to the right office!!" And we both laugh and I walk out. What can I say? I'm just awesome like that. Ha ha ha. I amuse myself.

But I will say, in my defense, when I was at the podiatrist office and the receptionist initially gave me the information to the wrong PT office, it just so happened that that office was VC Physical Therapy. So when I saw the sign for VC Physical Therapy, my subconscious remembered that name, and I immediately assumed that was the office I was supposed to go to. I should have checked my papers first. Oops.

So after I left the wrong office, I went across the street (which is where I originally thought the office was) and found the right office - Select Physical Therapy. Just so you know. I didn't get lost permanently. ;)

And now to change the subject. I sorted through the photos on my camera this morning and wanted to share a few of my favorites from this fall.

A rare opportunity to catch The Toddler willing to take a picture.

This is The Toddler doing what he does best. Picking his nose.

Love these two guys. :)

See how my son loves to take pictures? He was more interested in the pumpkin. Of course.

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