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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's In My Purse - The Mom Edition

On occasion I come across blog posts where people take pictures of what they have in their purse. They always seem to have interesting items. It's amusing. Well yesterday, right before was leaving to run errands, I realized my purse was really heavy. And you know, I've really had a hard time finding smaller items in my purse, so I decided to quickly clean it out before I left. And then I got an idea - to do a post about what's in my purse - the mom version of what's in my purse. Ha!

So here's what I found -

2 wallets (yes, 2 - they are both mine, and it's a really long explanation), a baby wipe container with dried up wipes, 3 tubes of hand cream, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, a mirror, lipstick (amusing since I rarely wear makeup because I'm too lazy), tinted chapstick from Burt's Bees (the closest I usually get to wearing makeup), a comb, coupons, a busy bag (more on that in a minute), a devotion book from church, a red plastic spoon (I don't know why that was in there), a hair clip, a sugar-free lollipop, a Fiber One bar (I think that's been in there for a while), a sanitary wipe, and a ring with various baby care items - brush, comb, nail clippers, and temperature strips (I think I've used that whole contraption ONCE)

In addition to all that junk I also found:

7 cars (one is not pictured. I found it after I took this photo)

One giant pile of TRASH

which also included an old shopping list, expired Chuck E Cheese coupons (scary place), 2 nursery claim stickers to pick up The Toddler from the nursery at church, a coffee stirrer (?), a half eaten coupon (courtesy of The Toddler), and a movie ticket stub from Captain America

And 9 pens. The purple ones are from church. Somehow they always end up in purse???

I mentioned a busy bag as well. In case you aren't familiar with busy bags, they are small bags with a little activity to keep you kiddo entertained and quiet while you are out an about. I usually pull this out when we are at a restaurant, waiting for our food...and even at the coffee shop (yes, sometimes I go get coffee with a friend!!).  Here's what is inside mine:

We use these paint swatches and paper clips for matching games.

So there you go! Now you know what I have (or had) inside my purse. And in case you are wondering, yes, I do have a REALLY BIG purse. (It used to double as a diaper bag before The Toddler was potty trained). What's the most unique item in your purse?

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