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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Sick Toddler & A Pointless Visit to the ER

Can I just say that parenting can be so exhausting sometimes? It is. Remember how I recently mentioned that I was sick last week? Well, I also managed to get The Spouse sick, and then two nights ago, we were up with The Toddler who also managed to get sick and acquire a pretty high fever. Blah. Dealing with a sick kid in the middle of the night is pretty much my least favorite thing about parenting. But who really likes dealing with sick kids in the middle of the night? I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

My day yesterday consisted of The Toddler laying on the couch for most of the day watching a serious amount of the Disney Chanel while I worked on stuff around the house, and also had a nap or two on the couch with the Toddler (still feeling the fatigue from first trimester). Although I had checked The Toddler's temperature often, it shot up while I was fixing dinner. The Spouse noticed it when he got home. It was ohhh....105! Not that I was panicked, but I was definitely alarmed since, this is the temp where you go to the hospital to avoid cooking organs and seizures. So we gave The Toddler a nice cold bath while he screamed like we were murdering him. (I was really hoping that a neighbor wouldn't come to the door while this was going on, because I'm pretty sure that you could hear my son's screams from outside our house. Pretty sure).

However, after the cold bath and a new dose of Ibuprofen, his temp was right back at 105, he was laying on the couch, and was completely listless. At that point, we decided that he needed medical attention, and since Urgent Care had already closed for the day, to the ER we went. Oh yay. I hate the ER. (And Urgent Care for that matter).

Before going any further, I would just like to add, that I was completely exhausted at this point in the evening, and The Spouse was still sick with the flu, despite the fact that he went to work that day. We were exhausted.

After LOTS of waiting at the ER we finally got admitted into an exam room, where we wait for an hour, and The Toddler's temp drops all the way down to 101. Nice. Suddenly he was all over the exam room, exploring and playing. By the time the doctor examined him, he was just a kid with the flu with a mild temp. So after several hours and a handful of tests that came back negative, we were released. But not without paying an expensive ER co-pay...for nothing since The Toddler had magically recovered once we got to the exam room.

This is the second time this has happened with The Toddler. We also took The Toddler into the ER around New Years for a head injury after he started vomiting. By the time that the doctor saw him in the exam room, The Toddler was fine - walking around playing, no longer pale, and only a slightly elevated temp. I'm pretty sure the exam rooms in the ER have magical powers that will suddenly make your child better. 

Today The Toddler is still sick, but well enough to get into trouble. I just caught him trying to roll a basketball down the stairs.

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Chalice Lindgren said...

That's a little weird considering that your child became active when he was on the ER. Maybe he needs a little break away from home. What do you think? So, did it take 5 days for him to completely recover from the flu? Make sure you give him food rich in vitamins and minerals, most especially those rich vitamin C to boost his immune system.

Chalice Lindgren