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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magnet Craft made from Party Favors

I made something. Completely pointless, but oh-so-fun. I turned party favors into fridge magnets. I know this isn't a huge hardship or anything, but my refrigerator had some ugly magnets - the business card size with advertisements. So, I decided enough of these ugly magnets! Let's make something better. I bought a couple packages of cute little party favors at the Dollar Store for $1 a piece and a package of button magnets at Walmart for $1 or $2. So inexpensive. (Just a side note here, but if you are interested in another magnet craft for kids, check out the Marble Run I did with Mac a couple of years back.)

party favors turned into magnets
Additional bonus alert - this is a great activity to do with your long as you trust them with a glue gun. If you don't, then you should make them yourself when they're not around. Just for the record, I do not trust Mac with a glue gun. Actually, now that I think of it, he probably could manage to do this craft with a bit of supervision. But, I think I would recommend this activity for older kids - as in the non-preschool age. The age where you trust them to not burn themselves or their sibling with a glue gun. ;)

I think this activity is pretty self-explanatory, but just for the sake of explaining, here's how I did it:

party favor magnet supplies
- party favors 
- hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
- button magnets

magnet glued underneath turtle

glued puzzle magnet
Using the hot glue gun, glue a magnet to the bottom of each party favor, making sure the magnet stays flush with the bottom of the party favor. 

party favor magnets on fridge

more party favor magnets on fridge
Allow glue to dry and replace the old tacky fridge magnets with these new fun ones! 

four party favor magnets on the fridge
These magnets are also a great way to keep your little ones entertained. They would be a great activity to use in the car with a cookie sheet they could stick the magnets on. 

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

What a fab idea! I have the ugliest magnets on my fridge too! Thanks for stopping by family Fridays link up party and sharing!

Eimear said...

So fun and colourful, I love it. I'll be turning everything into magnets now that I have a glue gun...