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Saturday, June 16, 2007


That's right, I pierced my nose. I had it done yesterday. So here's the story:

Last Thursday I decided that I was ready to get my nose pierced. On Friday, which was yesterday, Joel had to work out of town. I decided to go with him, and run some errands and do some shopping while he was working. While I was doing this, I ran into someone who highly recommended a woman for body piercings. Apparently, her work was really good, and has done nearly 6,000 piercings. After some thought, I decided to go for it.

So I went to the place, filled out the paperwork, and waited while she set every thing up. I started to look at all the pictures on the wall of the different types of body piercings...eyebrows, lip, neck, belly buttons, etc, etc. As I gazed at all the pictures, I started to get a little nervous. (remember that blog about Analysis Paralysis? that applies here) Then she sat me down, and explained the process, and care of a nose piercing. The level of my nerves rose as she began to give the detailed explaination. She cleaned the area, and swabbed it with a numbing rub. We chose the best spot for the nose piercing, and finally she put the clamp on my nose. And that's when I started to mildly freak out - my body was tense. (At this point I realized that I have issues with people touching my nose. I've always hated for people to touch my nose. I've had allergies my whole life, and nose bleeds have been a common thing for me for most of my life. At times even a gentle tap on the nose has resulted in a nose bleed) The clamp that gripped my nostril was seriously agitating. I thought to myself, "I wish I would have waited for Joel." He's always good at calming me down during tense moments....and at least I would have had a hand to squeeze. I realized that I would have to do my best to reduce my level of tension by myself. So I told her to wait. I took a couple of deep breaths, and relaxed my body, but not completely...I was still nervous. After my last deep breath, she punctured my nostril with a tiny, hollow needle. The pain was equivalent to a needle poking your finger tip, or maybe popping a pimple on the side of your nose. Tears came to my eyes, but still it was just a small ouch. And then suddenly, it was over. The stud was in my nose, and the clamp was taken off. That was it? That was it? I then realized that all the pre-piercing tension was not nearly worth the nearly painless process of the piercing. HA! It was over, or so I thought...

Then she began to give the detailed process of the care & cleaning of my nose-piercing, "wear a band-aid over your piercing the first three nights when you sleep to prevent it coming out...keep the stud in 21 days....never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean the piercing...clean it with triple antibiotic ointment...". My head swam as she gave the detailed run-down. How in the world would I remember all this information? Then she began to demonstrated the cleaning process on my newly pierced nose. She took a Q-tip, covered in Triple Antibiotic ointment, and began to clean around the top of my piercing. As she was doing this, she explained how it was ok if the stud in my nose rose a little bit as it was being cleaned. But then with a quick, but accidental swipe, the bottom part of the stud came out of my nose!! The lady quickly tried to put it back with her fingers, but was unsuccessful. Drastic measures had to be taken here in order to avoid a re-piercing. Once again, the dreaded clamp was placed back onto my nostril. And again, the tension level arose in my body. As she searched to find the hole, she assured me that everything was ok. I wasn't so sure. As she moved the stud around in my newly-pierced nose, tears once again formed in my eyes during the painful endeavor of searching for the hole. This time around hurt more than the initial piercing. And then she found it. And the stud was in place once again. And again the dreaded nose clamp was removed. She finished the cleaning demonstration process, and then warned me to be faithful in the cleaning process, despite the apparent tramua I had just experienced.

But it was over and now I have a way cool pink stud in my nose. And I think it's terrific. So does Joel. But I'm not sure how many others will feel the same way. I will find out soon enough. And here are the results:

Ok. It's kind of hard to see the stud, because not only is it pink, but also very small. Look closely.

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Cara said...

I think its cool!