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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guess what!!!!

So I had the coolest thing happen to me. It's almost as cool as being on TV...almost. So one of my favorite TV shows is a show called 5 Takes on the Travel Channel. It's where 5 people go backpacking around in a specified part of the world (currently Latin America). The cool part is that you decided what they get to do while they are in a certain country. They have forums that you participate in, and give suggestions on what they should do. Then the following week, their experiences airs on the Travel Channel. Way cool, right? Well, last week they went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So I particpated on their forum, and suggested that they go handgliding. (From all the travel shows that I watch, I just happen to know that handgliding in Rio de Janeiro is spectacular). So here's the cool part - not only did they take me up on my suggestion, but they also mentioned my screen name (MusicianAtHeart) on their show!!! And they said that it was the coolest suggestion yet!! And then they thanked me for suggesting that! How cool is that!!! I was SSOOOO excited when I realized he was talking about ME on one of my favorite shows!!! I was so elated! For real.

Ok. Now to change the subject. I found this guy online. His name is Greg Pattillo. He's a flute player that does beatboxing WHILE he's playing the flute!! It's amazing!! You have got to check out this video!

And while your at it, check out this one too. On this one Greg, the flute guy, does his thing along with a cello at Union Square. (I have no idea where that is, NY? I guess)

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Cara said...

What a great surprise to have your name mentioned! And this Greg guy is too much.