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Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm back

Ok. So I'm back from Youth Camp. I survived another year!! This was my 8th year working at camp (staff, counselor, SAGU rep, etc). At camp this year, a teenage girl, who had just graduated from high school, said to me, "I remember seeing you working at kid's camp, when I was a camper." I thought to myself, "she really must be mistaken, it hasn't be that long since I worked at that camp"...and then I started to count back the years, and realized that it has indeed been that long...and then I started to feel old. I would also like to say that this year it was really weird, because many counselors were pregnant this year...and I was not one of them. I kind of felt like I wasn't in the "cool club" this year....but then again...I really don't want to be in that "cool club" right now. lol.
So here's the highlights of Camp this year:
  • being a counselor in the same dorm with my good friend, Patty.
  • A dorm full of terrific girls from Patty's church
  • the crazy-hysterical games we played with the campers.
  • good camp-food
  • beating one our teenage boys up the rock-wall!!! (the second time I lost...because I was tired )
  • private counselor bathrooms inside the dorms
  • NOT being a pregnant counselor
  • when the campers went to sleep.
  • the lack of rain at camp (it always rains out there during the summer)
  • the silly name the girls from my dorm named our team: Red Minty Hippos (and our cheer was, "Red Minty Hippos, ATTACK, ATTACK!!). it doesn't get much sillier than that.
  • great worship by the MVBand (favorite local worship team)
  • watching the teenagers run through Mud Mountain(mud obstacle course) (I injured myself earlier that week during camp, and was ordered by the camp nurse to stop being so active)
  • the silly Delivery Boys from Vanguard University who like to think that my husband and I would actually LIKE to move to Southern Cali and work at their school. (yeah right) They amused me.
  • the Delivery Boys (especially Chris) who went into town and bought Joel Tabasco sauce for his food.
  • the silly girl who liked one of our teenage boys. she actually stole his chair during service and put it next to her so he would have to sit with her. he did. for a minute. then he got up to help take the offering. and i joel and i teased her from across the isle. she was really embarassed. and wouldn't look at me for the rest of camp. ha ha. later he took his chair back, and sat with us again. lol.
  • i found a cricket bug thing in my shoe....while i was wearing it. i had been wearing my shoe for about an hour and a half and suddenly i felt something funny in the toe of my shoe. i took off my shoe and shook it out, and found a bug had been in my shoe. and it was still alive. i screamed very loudly (this happened in the cafeteria), and wiped my foot off on Joel. (he didn't like that too much) lol.
  • A great speaker named Jacob Jester. i seriously think he's like one of my favorite speakers now. not only did he hang out with the campers during the day, but was amazing at speaking to them during the services, and was completely hysterical. he was great. seriously.
  • the amazing things that God did in all of our hearts during camp, reguardless of age.
We seriously had a blast this year, and truely think it has been the best camp yet...but I am WAY exhuasted from the whole experience. I've done a lot of sleeping since I've gotten home. And Brody was very excited to see us when we got home too. So was my bed.

the view from the top of the campground

Mud Tug-O-War

One dirty girl after Mud Mountain

Zach is completely covered in mud after Mud Mountain

Cabin 4A (I'm on the far left, Patty's on the front row, far right)

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Cara said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! Glad you enjoyed it and glad your back.