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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The coolest thing I've ever done.

So last weekend Joel, my brother, and I were shopping at a mall. My brother, Justin, and Joel were upstairs sitting in the food court. After scoring a couple of tank tops from a terrific sale at the Express, I purchased a container of pretzel bites, and joined Joel and Justin. As I sat down at the table, I carefully placed my purse and my shopping bag, containing my newly purchased tank tops, at my feet - to avoid someone from walking by and grabbing them while I wasn't paying attention (people do that, you know). So we sat there, watched people go by, participated in a casual conversation about nothing in particular, and finished our food. As we stood up, I put my purse on my shoulder, grabbed my trash with my left hand, and my shopping bag with my right hand. While walking to the trash, I made a mental note, "Make sure you throw away the trash, not the shopping bag." But then I quickly changed my train of thought and began focus on the next stores I had in mind to check out. When I reached the trash can, I threw away the trash, walked about 5 feet...and then I looked down. I suddenly realized that I was wearing my purse, and holding a tray of trash and no shopping bag!! What in the world??? How did I manage that? So I began scanning the trash cans I was standing next to, to see if I had accidentally thrown away my shopping bag (the cans were nearly full, so it was easy to look inside without having to dig)...and then I realized that I couldn't even remember which trash can I had used. OH-EM-GEE!!! What is wrong with me!?!? We unsuccessfully scanned the trash cans near us. My brother walked back to the table to check and see if I had left it there, but found nothing. I stood there baffled. I couldn't figure out what I did with that shopping bag. But then, as my brother was walking back to us, he stopped....and started laughing hysterically. He then walked over to a trashcan that we had overlooked, pulled out my red shopping bag, walked over to me, and handed it to me. As he handed me the bag, I too, began laughing hysterically. Sometimes I completely amaze myself with my absent-minded capabilities. And sometimes I tell Joel, "I'm so funny, I make myself laugh!" And that's the truth.

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