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Friday, July 13, 2007

I've decided to put off Suzanne Cox and her aerobics workout for a while. Although I was getting a really good workout, the workouts themselves have become increasingly difficult on my joints...which will eventually lead to an injury. (no thank you) So instead I've taken up swimming. Joel and I have a membership to a private lake behind our house, so I've decided to begin swimming there. But I have a confession...I'm not a great swimmer...and I'm not a strong one either. I have coordination issues when it comes to swimming...I understand the mechanics behind swimming, but have never really taken the time to work out my lack of coordination. Ha ha. It's funny. But now I am. And I'm getting better. I have this swimming workout schedule in one of my exercise books. It works on developing endurance while swimming. The first session starts off with being able to swim for 15 minutes straight...which I'm definitely not strong enough to my goal is to work UP to swimming for 15 minutes so that way I can actually start working on the swimming routine!! That's pretty bad. I want to be a strong enough swimmer so that way when Joel and I go on our cruise in September, I'll be able to do something like SNUBA without getting tired...which happened the last time Joel and I did Snuba. What kind of activities do you guys do to stay in shape?

I saw Cristina Coria, from Survivor - Cook Islands, on Tuesday when Joel and I were in Albuquerque at a sushi place called Japengo. I wanted to go and ask her if she was Cristina from Survivor (just to make sure), but decided against it. I decided that even if it was her (which I'm sure it was) I didn't have a really good response like, "Oh my gosh! You were my favorite person!" Or something like response would have been something more like, "Oh, ok. Cool." Lol. But I did take a picture of her with Joel's cell phone while Joel and I were sitting at the sushi bar, and her and her companions were sitting at a table eating. Ha ha. I was trying not to be too obvious....and therefore the picture didn't come out very well. Oh well.

One more thing to share with you guys. I've decided to enter a contest. In this contest you submit a worship song that you've written. It will be judged by a panel, and if you win, you get airtime on the radio for your song, it gets recorded professionally, and you get to be interviewed on the radio! Very exciting. I don't have much time...less than 20 days to get my submission in. I have a lot of work to do.

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